Best 10 Pieces of Advice for Online Dating

The world is packed with millions of single people – and not all of them have the time to go out in the world and meet new individuals. Luckily, we live in the 21st century, where everything is brought at the tip of our fingers. When in doubt, go for plan B – and that is online dating.

However, online dating is not as straightforward at traditional dating. Without proper “vetting,” you might be thinking that you’re meeting the perfect person – and you end up with a weirdo with an attitude at the opposite end of the table. Therefore, to ensure that you meet like-minded people, you need to follow these pieces of advice.

Couple on a date

1. Check the Facts

Don’t be embarrassed to fact-check your date. Granted, there are some people that do not have much of an online presence – but most people do. You’ll be able to find out various things by Googling them. Plus, you can use their pictures on Google’s “search by engine” feature. If someone else uses that picture, you’ll know.

2. Create a Good Bio

When you are online dating, you want to ensure that your dating bio do you the justice that you deserve. You can use every method that seems comfortable for you – from full prose to bullet points. Do not leave it vague or half-finished, because it will be seen as suspicious.

Advice for online dating

3. Don’t Call or Text Too Much

We’re only human – and if you’re looking for your match on dating websites, it does not mean that you are ready to commit immediately. Therefore, even if you talked with that person the night before – and discovered that you like them – don’t start shooting private messages all day at them. It’s all about the balance – so when you are texting someone, only send as much as you receive.

4. Meet Somewhere Comfortable

Let’s say that your idea of a perfect date is at a quiet, cozy coffee shop, whereas your date feels most comfortable at a heavy metal gig. Regardless of the choice, one person will feel uncomfortable in a foreign environment. To turn your date into a success, you might want to meet local, in a place that is more common ground.

5. Offer to Pay

Even if you are a man or a woman, we are living in the 21st century – where everyone is an independent adult. If you end up not having to pay, that’s cool – but don’t go assuming that your date will pay for you. At least offer to pay your share.

6. Don’t Respond to Everyone

You might think that you are just being nice by responding – but in truth, not answering is actually the answer. You may post a very flattering picture of yourself which will just gather up the potential suitors – but you should only pick the ones that appeal to your interests.

7. Be Skeptical

If it sounds too good to be true – then it probably is. People can create any type of persona that they want online. Therefore, if your potential match seems to be beautiful, rich, with a lovely personality and is not a cheater – then something is definitely wrong there. If anything sounds strange or unbelievable, ask them questions. You may catch them with the cat in the bag.


8. Meet During the Early Stages

If someone seems to like you or be a good match for you, then the chances are that they will want to meet you as soon as possible. Those who are there for relationship-minded purposes won’t try to avoid a date or a Skype call. Therefore, if you see that they are continuously making excuses, then it is unlikely that the relationship has a future.

9. Be Specific and Unique in Your Bio

The first thing a potential suitor sees is your bio. So, if it’s boring, generic, and does not stand out in any way, then it’s a high chance that they will swap for the next person.

10. Avoid Dating “for Practice”

Let’s say that you’ve been getting messages for a while, but nothing really sparked your interest. It’s very tempting to date the next best thing to get over this feeling of loneliness. However, if you are looking for a relationship (and not just a fling), then you should use your time on someone worthwhile.

Online dating can be fun. However, this is only if you follow the right steps into it.