Can Online Dating Lead to Marriage

You know that quote:

I’ve been on so many blind dates; I should get a free dog?

(Wendy Liebman)

If you’ve been in this situation as well, having been on several blind dates that have led to nowhere, the odds are that you might have lost your hope. However, we want to reinvigorate that hope, as the right person for you is just around the corner. To that end, if you didn’t consider online dating until now, perhaps it’s high time you did.

An offer of marriage

Online dating offers you the opportunity to meet like-minded people, who are also looking for a serious relationship. And in spite of the many myths and misconceptions regarding this type of dating, one thing is for sure: online dating can lead to marriage. Yes, you’ve read that right. Let’s see why.

People that Choose Online Dating Are Looking for a Serious Relationship

This is the most convincing argument. When you decide to sign up for a dating service, it points out one thing: you are committed to getting involved in a relationship. Many times, you might think that you’ve met the right person, but you don’t have the same opinion regarding a long-term relationship.

So, for relationship-minded people, online dating is a means of increasing the likelihood of getting involved with committed individuals. Aside from that, there is another element that plays a part in the equation.

Dating Lead to Marriage

That is to say, the more people you are exposed to, the higher the incidence to meet like-minded individuals, with whom you have a lot of things in common.

You Find a Lot of Important Things from the Very Beginning

Another aspect that is the key to long-term committed relationships is having common, shared interests and hobbies. One of the reasons why many couples fall apart is that they eventually lose the connection they had at the beginning of the relationship.

This could happen because they rarely spend time together. And when you fail to invest time in a relationship, things will most likely go downhill sooner than later.

But when you have shared interests, putting time aside to spend together becomes much easier.

People Find It Easier to Open up Online

Another reason why you shouldn’t dismiss online dating is that people are more inclined to be honest and open up online. There is also a risk factor here – namely that the other person might not be precisely who he/she pretends to be. Nonetheless, you cannot eliminate the risk element altogether when it comes to dating. You still have to take the leap – whether you meet local people, or you meet people online.

That being said, we find it easier to express ourselves in written text – this applies especially to introverts. In addition to that, when you share your personal experiences and beliefs, this will create a strong bond between you. It doesn’t matter if the bond has been created through an app. What matters is that you share the same opinions and outlooks over important things in life.

To that end, in a matter of weeks, if things go well, you will most likely know where the relationship is headed, as opposed to dealing with an endless amount of questions: does he/she like me? Will he/she call me? You know what we’re talking about…

Serious Relationship

The Chances of Breaking up Are Smaller

Of course, the chance of breaking up cannot be eliminated altogether. However, online dating doesn’t come with a higher likelihood of breaking up. Some of the main reasons why people break up are the following: differences in their opinions over life, differences in priorities, circumstances, so on and so forth.

That being said, when you choose to meet like-minded people, this imminently means that the chance of breaking up is smaller. When you share the same outlook over life, the same perspective and the same opinion regarding the future and marriage, the chance of having a happy marriage is higher.

In summary, online dating is an excellent way of meeting your special someone. If you’re looking for a relationship, this might be the right alternative for you. The key to a successful long-term relationship is being on the same page with the other person – that’s what you should focus on.