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What Is Online Dating for Big Women Like?

It’s not an uncommon phenomenon that when one is even slightly curvy, one considers oneself fat and thus undesirable for dating. The issue is slightly more severe for plus-size women. So far as the heterosexual majority is concerned, a guy can expect a girl to appreciate him for what a great dude he is – how responsible he is, what a great breadwinner he is, what fun to be around he is, etc., but he will rarely return the favor. He will want his date to look gorgeous. We may label it as unfair, but that’s not what we’re here for today.

Instead, let’s focus on the online dating options that a gorgeous curvy lady has at hand. Putting it briefly, she can either sign up with a general dating service and meet local guys of all shapes and sizes, or she can specifically look for dating sites for fat women. Let’s dig into both options:

  • general dating services for plus size people. The primary and the most self-explanatory advantage here is that you see (and get exposed to) more profiles than you would at a dating website for fat chicks. Researches have shown that as much as about 20% of men in New Zealand specifically prefer their women with some extra flesh on their bones. It’s true that there are some devout fat haters, but matchmaking sites in NZ have excellent search filters, so you can conveniently rule them out. Besides, it’s equally true that there are many guys out there who wouldn’t mind a curvy lady but have trouble admitting it. You see, this stereotype that fat is ugly is just as toxic for ‘normies’ as it is for us, – so they would often have to wait for the right chubby chick to come around. And they don’t go to dating sites for chubby girls to get that. So, your very presence at general dating services not only increases your chances in the romantic department but also makes a difference for fat acceptance! “Fat-bottomed girls, you make the rocking world go round!”
  • special dating sites for fat girls. We must admit that not all of us have enough confidence and security to go out there and date ‘like normal people.’ In this approach, specialized dating sites for chubby chicks provide the valuable safe space. While your chances of landing a date on such a website are somewhat lower, the very experience of online dating here is much more relaxed. It’s not unlike a support group of sorts in the sense that you only get to meet like-minded people who will surely not harass you or contribute to your insecurity which you may or may not have.

Are there dating sites for fat women in New Zealand?

Big Woman

Given the aforementioned, it’s not a far fetch to say that the very idea of specialized dating sites for plus size people is, in essence, irrational. Nevertheless, these sites do exist and often provide excellent service by helping numerous people land dates or even start a relationship, and you can’t argue with something that apparently works.

There is one detail, however. New Zealand is not precisely among the world’s most populous nations. As such, building a separate fat ladies dating service in New Zealand would not make all that much sense. That is a minor problem, of course, because you are always welcome to use some of the international overweight girl dating sites. This way you open up to a way broader ‘audience,’ thus compensating for the limited nature of the niche.

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Moreover, if you happen to meet a worthy person from a distant land, you have a chance to get to know them before meeting in real life. The latter can only happen when both of you are 100% convinced that you must have that real-life date, which, believe it or not, will save plenty of embarrassment and disappointment associated with most first dates. Plus, it helps you understand whether you’re up for an actual relationship. One can say that such an approach is for relationship-minded people only. However, if you are not sure whether you are indeed such a person, you are still welcome to try it out.

Another detail is that niche dating platforms are not free most of the time. Their pricing is, however, quite reasonable more often than not. Besides, they often offer quite generous trial conditions of which you are welcome to take advantage.

Dating Sites for Overweight Women

The best part is that the options that we have described are not mutually exclusive. You don’t have to choose whether you want to use general dating platforms or niche ones. As we have mentioned, even the paid ones have cool trials periods, so an interested individual is always welcome to try everything out before making the final decision as to whether it is, indeed, their cup of tea.

You, in turn, can be that interested individual and take all the advantage that both approaches to online dating have to offer. In other words, don’t waste your time hesitating! Go and grab all those opportunities that are out there just waiting for you!